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Company Retreat Packages

Explore our Company Retreat Packages designed to elevate your team's productivity and collaboration. Choose between our half-day option, spanning 4 hours, or the full-day package for an extensive 8-hour experience. Each package includes access to premium meeting spaces, fostering an environment conducive to creative thinking and strategic discussions. Fuel your team with drip coffee service and savor a delightful breakfast and lunch spread from Fortress Cafe. Worried about logistics? Our packages come with inclusive parking passes for seamless accessibility.



Half Day - Breakfast

Half Day - Lunch 

Indulge in our Half Day - Breakfast package. This comprehensive offering includes exclusive meeting space accommodating up to 15 people for a duration of 4 hours, creating an ideal environment for focused discussions and collaboration. Keep the energy flowing with Fortress Cafe drip coffee as well as their delicious bagel sandwiches. Worried about parking logistics? Our package comes with inclusive parking passes, ensuring a stress-free arrival for all attendees.

Experience a seamless and satisfying team gathering with our Half Day - Lunch package. This package offers exclusive meeting space for up to 15 people over a 4-hour duration, fostering a conducive atmosphere for collaborative discussions. Keep your team fueled and engaged with our drip coffee service, ensuring a constant flow of energy throughout the session. Savor a delightful lunch catered by Fortress Cafe, featuring an array of wraps. Our package includes parking passes, ensuring a hassle-free arrival for all participants. 

Full Day

Maximize your team's potential with our Full Day package. This all-inclusive package provides exclusive meeting space for up to 15 people, spanning a full 8 hours, creating an ideal environment for extensive collaboration and strategic planning. Fuel creativity and focus with our drip coffee service. Indulge in a delightful breakfast from Doughnation Bakery, featuring their freshly baked bagels and cream cheese, setting a flavorful tone for the day. For lunch, enjoy Fortress Cafe wraps. Worried about logistics? Our Full Day package includes parking passes, ensuring a smooth and stress-free arrival for all participants. 


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