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We help small businesses in our community grow and succeed.

The Lean Rocket Lab is proud to serve as the MEDC's Small Business Support Hub for Jackson County. Our services are now available in Lenawee and Hillsdale counties, thanks to our partnerships with Lenawee Now and Hillsdale EDP.
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Who's it for?

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If you own a small business in Jackson, Lenawee or Hillsdale County, the LOCAL program is for you

  • We have resources for business at every stage. Been thinking about starting a business? We have workshops and coaches for that.

  • Have a growing business that you want to take to the next level? Sounds like you might be a good candidate for our fellows program.

  • Ready to buy a building or equipment or scale and need access to lending? Apply to our "Fast track to lending."


Not sure where to get started, just fill out the application and we'll point you in the right direction.




We offer resources & workshops to help people make their business idea a reality.


Is your business starting to grow? The Fellows program will take you to the next level.


Ready to grow but not sure what to do next? One of our coaches will help you figure it out.


Your business is making money and you're ready to scale. Now you just need some capital. We can help.

Being a LOCAL Fellow is a big deal, here's why you should apply.

Most small businesses fail from a lack of funding, lack of expertise, or lack of support. Being a Fellow means you have access to all three.
Lack of Funding
Lack of expertise

Lean Rocket LOCAL Fellows Program removes common barriers for local entrepreneurs by providing resources, financial and legal technical assistance, training, and access to funding through a partnership with American 1 Credit Union.


10 small businesses are selected to participate in our Fellows program. This program includes a cohort-based, intensive business bootcamp and provides milestone-based financial incentives, as well as access to coaches, mentors and resources.


Bootcamp is a series of workshops and courses designed to help people learn and grow in what it takes to run a business. From business planning to finance to sales and marketing and everything in between.

Milestone Grants

Fellows are eligible to access milestone grant funding that can be used for a variety of business technical assistance needs.



Coaching and Exposure

Being a LOCAL Fellow means access to our incredible network of mentors and coaches. As well as critical customer exposure through various Lab events.

Hear from past participants...

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The Five Forks.png

The Five Forks

As new female entrepreneurs, the LOCAL program has been a tremendous opportunity where we have gained insight into business fundamentals and been given tools and resources to dig deeper as needed. Additionally, we have been fortunate to meet wonderful people whom we have been able to form both professional and personal relationships with. We know this will continue to help our business grow tremendously!



Shortie's started right in the home kitchen of CEO and founder Felicia Carter serving cheesecake jars, chocolate dipped sweets, and home made cakes. She has grown from there to now offering privately chef services and catering.


Meet the 2023 Fellows

Keyonda-Salon Virtuosa.jpg

Salon Virtuosa

Keyonda Parker

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Ashley-Ashley's Sweet Indulgence.jpg

Ashley's Sweet Indulgance

Ashley Bacon

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Vittoria-Gems of Jackson.jpg

Gems of Jackson

Vittoria Jimerson

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Brandon-Burnt Honey.jpg

Burnt Honey

Brandon Rice

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
Marshawn-Baby Bear.jpg

Baby Bear Burger

Marshawn Goodloe

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Eli-Curiouser Clay.jpeg

Curiouser Clay

Eli Zemper

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Gwen-Gwen's Green.jpg

Gwens Greens

Gwen Hersha

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Josnelly-Zero Bar & Lounge.jpg

Zero Bar & Lounge

Josnelly Aponte

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
Lindsay-Mission of Grace Dance.jpg

Grace School of Dance

Lindsay Walsh

  • Instagram
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Kendra & Courtney-Front Porch JXN.jpg

The Front Porch JXN

Kendra and Courtney Dolson

  • Instagram
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Nic-Alliance Service Brands.jpg

Alliance Service Brands

Nicholas Laporte

  • Instagram
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Fast Track To Lending

Ready for Growth Capital?

Thanks to our partnership with American 1 Credit Union and their Small Business Loan program, as well as other state and federal lending options; getting a loan to help your business grow has never been more within reach. Imperfect credit? Don't have the history in business? A1CU and SBDC coaches can help you get your financials in order, and keep your goals within reach. 


Thank you to our partners!

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