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Meet the Entrepreneur Behind Belle Row Boutique and Epic Blue Media: Devon Bradley Roof!

Updated: Jul 2

In our new blog series, "Meet Our Members," we'll be pulling back the curtain and introducing you to the inspiring individuals who call Lean Rocket Lab home. From solopreneurs chasing their dreams to established businesses on the rise, our members are a diverse bunch, all working hard to make their mark on the world. Each week, we'll chat with a different member to learn about their passions, projects, and the invaluable role that Lean Rocket Lab plays in their success story. So, stay tuned and get ready to meet the amazing minds that make our co-working space such a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration!


Hello! My name is Devon Bradley Roof, and I am the proud owner of two Jackson based businesses: Belle Row Boutique and Epic Blue Media. I'm excited to share the journey behind these ventures and how they came to be.

The Story Behind Belle Row Boutique

After graduating from Michigan State University, I dove straight into a career in Public Relations. As I grew into the profession, I couldn't shake the dream of starting my own business, one I had since childhood. In 2013, my PR work allowed for a trip to New York City. As I walked through the SoHo boutiques, I found the inspiration I needed to make the jump from PR life to entrepreneurship. After my return home, and many months of planning, I founded Belle Row Boutique - a women's clothing shop, in East Lansing, Michigan.

In 2017, I moved Belle Row to a new service model after a three-year run in our East Lansing retail space. I closed the physical shop, pushed traffic to our online storefront, and upped the number of creative on-the-road shopping experiences we offered. This transformation was the building block of the Belle Row business model today; a combination of online sales, pop-up shops, and Girls' Night Out events that reach markets in multiple locations. In 2018, I returned home to Jackson and continued expanidng the business. Last December, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary!

What Sets Us Apart

Aside from the price points and quality, it's the philosophy behind Belle Row. Even though we are a clothing boutique, we are in the business of people, not products. How our products are delivered, and how we make our customers feel, is just as important to us as the product itself.

The Story Behind Epic Blue Media

Epic Blue Media was born from my 15+ years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. My journey began in college, where I studied Communications and Public Relations, and since then have held various roles in agency, non-profit, and corporate communication settings. In today's digital age, I realized the immense power of compelling media in building a brand's identity and connecting with audiences. Epic Blue was created to help businesses of all sizes navigate the digital landscape, create impactful content, and drive engagement with marketing strategies tailored to their unique needs.

From Experience to Inspiration

Throughout my career, I've been involved in numerous campaigns that demanded creative problem solving and strategic thinking. These roles not only honed my skills but also sparked my entrepreneurial spirit. The drive to create something of my own led me to make the leap and launch Epic Blue.

A Pivotal Experience that Shaped my Path

Leaving my stable PR job to fully commit to Belle Row and start Epic Blue was a huge risk. I gave up a comfortable salary, 401k, and insurance - luxuries that don't typically come with starting a small business. But taking risks builds resilience, and every challenge has been worth it! This journey has taught me how to adapt and grow both personally and professionally.

Hopes for the Future

Looking ahead, my hope for Belle Row is to continue expanding our reach, both online and offline. For Epic Blue, my goal is to become the go-to boutique agency for businesses seeking innovative and effective marketing/communication solutions. From creating and executing multi-level marketing campaigns and PR initiatives to website development, graphic design and social media management, we are here and ready to serve you!

Let's Connect!

I am incredibly grateful for the support of the LRL community and would love to connect with you! Here's how you can keep up with updates from Belle Row and Epic Blue:

Belle Row Boutique:

Epic Blue Media:

If you are interested in Epic Blue services or booking a pop-up shop with Belle Row, feel free to contact me directly at or Thank you!

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