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An Ecosystem of Innovation

Our mission is to remove barriers and drive innovation among startup teams and existing companies by providing an ecosystem full of high energy entrepreneurs, accelerator programming, advanced educational opportunities, collaborative workspace, helpful business resources, and access to various stages of capital.


We help entrepreneurs launch & grow manu-tech companies: if you are developing a physical product, advanced manufacturing, manufacturing innovation, or advanced materials; we're here to help.


Our programs are designed with the lean startup method and to assist at the specific stage your company is in, whether you are starting with an idea, ready to prototype, or scale & grow, we have a program & resources to serve you.

virtual manu-tech incubator

Our incubator is designed to be a low-cost resource to guide entrepreneurs through the 5 stages every physical product startup goes through: Ideation, Validation, Start Up, Commercialization and Growth.

What you get:

  • Access to the LRL co-working space
  • Monthly meeting w/ lean startup coach

  • Resource/funding guide & matching

  • Free access to Adobe Creative Suite & Solidworks

  • Discounted services from professional services network

  • Free or discounted admission to workshops & events

  • Networking with mentors & founders


6 Months

Entry Requirements:

Must be manu-tech related: a physical product, hardware, advanced materials/manufacturing, industry 4.0, or technology/software product.


$99/mo - scholarships available


Receive a comprehensive report of your ideas that includes competitive analysis, market potential, and an overall feasibility score.

What you get:

Have a business idea and not sure where to start? With this program, you can get the market & product research information you need to determine if & how to move forward with your idea.



8-week interactive program to coach you through the customer and market discovery process and the lean canvas - 2-page business plan

What you get:

An intensive multi-week program to coach you through the customer and market discovery process and the lean canvas - a 2-page business plan.


$1,500 - scholarships available

During this program, we will guide you through developing a prototype, testing, and iterating with the goal of attaining your first customer

What you get:

  • Matched with an EIR to coach you & your startup
  • Access to LRL validation fund & prototyping resources as well as other early-stage funding


$6,000 - scholarships available


6 months (2-week sprints)

The Industry 4.0 accelerator is designed for companies that are integrating digital and physical technologies in their product or manufacturing process. This program is designed to help you finalize product design, prepare for manufacturing at scale, and grow your customer base.

What you get:

  • Upfront investment of up to $110,000
  • Contracted commercialization services from Centropolis

  • Leadership development program


6 months


We host various workshops for entrepreneurs to learn and grow their businesses.